Anthurium Bouquet Dark Red


Anthurium Bouquet Dark Red

Beautiful Hawaiian tropical flowers freshly cut from our tropical rain forest delivered to your home.  Anthurium flowers are unusual and will brighten up your day.

Arum family of plants includes over 1000 species of plants commonly referred to as anthuriums. They range is size, shape and color, but are similar in appearance and use. The anthurium flower produces heart-shaped blooms that range in color from green or white to shades of pink and brilliant red. These flowers are really modified bracts, called spathes. The actual flower of the anthurium plant are tiny blooms that line the fleshy inner spike called a spadix.

This tropical plant adapts to nearly any environment and produces new flowers all year, giving it a reputation as a hospitality plant. But, it has other meanings too.

  • Hospitality
  • Happiness
  • Abundance
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