High quality newsprint packing material for all your floral packing needs

Our Process:

  • Recycled, clean newspaper is collected from the Kea’au Transfer Station, Big Island schools, community Stack-of-Shredschurches, friends and families.
  • Heavy duty, vacuum processed for maximum dust elimination. Floral packing materials are digitally scaled in twenty-pound (20lb), vacuum sealed bags
  • DAILY delivery to any grower, florist, or other desiring to purchase our quality shreds

Zacks-Work-Performance-Award Benefits:

  • Our shreds provide a value-added means of waste disposal for the Big Island
  • PKF, Inc. Employees with developmental disabilties gain valuable skills learning to sort newspaper, safely operate large shredding equipment, package the finished product, count, load and unStack of Shredsload packages for delivery to any flower nursery on the Big Island of Hawai’i.
  • Quality service, recyling process which allows our product to provide benefits to growers/shippers and remove tons of newsprint off island every day.
  • PKF, Inc. pays schools a ‘penny a pound’ for collection of materials enabling classrooms to purchase needed supplies and material for education. Big Island schools receive a financial donation in return for their newspaper collection efforts.

Special note: we do not use shredded confidential documents for our packing material.

Call our office today at (808) 982-8322 or Toll Free 1-866-982-8322 to order.

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