Q. How will my Hawaiian Tropical Flowers order be shipped?

A. We use FedEx or UPS on most all shipments. Local delivery is also available in the Hilo and Puna areas of the Big Island.

Q. How long will my Hawaiian Tropical Flowers last?

A. Hawaiian Tropical Flowers last far longer than other flowers. Depending on the type of flower, most tropical flowers last 3 – 4 weeks with proper care. Anthuriums last the longest, gingers have the shortest 7 – 10 days.

Q. How long will my Hawaiian Tropical Flower lei last?

A. With proper care, they will last 5-7 days.

Q. How do I care for my Hawaiian Tropical Flowers?

A. Flowers should be unpacked, stems trimmed, placed in a vase or other container, lightly misted with water. Leis should be unpacked, lightly misted, repacked into a plastic bag, and placed into a refrigerator until use.

Q. What is insulate? Do I really need this?

A. In the winter months, your flowers may need a foam wrap insulation to keep them from freezing in transit. This is needed for fresh flowers or leis with destinations outside of Hawaii. Your entire shipment will be insulated for a minimal charge.

Q. Will I need to sign for my Hawaiian Tropical Flowers delivery?

A. Yes, if you are not there the delivery will be reattempted the next day and may cause delays. We recommend your shipment be delivered to someone you know or a business which has a person who can sign. If you tell them to deliver anyway without signing we will not insure the package if it is left unattended.

Q. Can you really ship maile leis to California?

A. Yes. There are no restrictions on shipping maile leis to Califormia or any other state. We ship maile leis to California all the time, and have never had a problem. The lei must be cleaned thoroughly though, which may be why other companies sometimes say it can not be done.

Q. Can you ship plumeria leis?

A. No. Plumeria are far too fragile and will arrive brown and wilted if shipped overnight.

Q. Can you ship ginger leis?

A. No. Ginger is far too fragile and will arrive brown and wilted if shipped overnight.

Q. Can you ship pikake leis?

A. No. Pikake is far too fragile and will arrive brown and wilted if shipped overnight.

Q. What about any other fragrant leis?

A. We can ship tuberose mixed with orchids by special request. We will try to mix the tuberose in so that the fragrance is there but the flowers are not a focal point.

Please be advised however that even though tuberose is more hardy than any other fragrant lei flower, it is still very fragile and we will not guarantee the condition upon arrival. Like all fragrant flowers, tuberose smells so good to attract insects for pollination right away because as soon as it blooms the flower is dying. It will be brown within a couple days.

Q. Do you have large quantity discounts?

A. Yes. Please download our wholesale application and we will happily help you with your bulk order pricing and scheduling arrangements.