Strategies For Managing Your Work Incentives

Always report changes in earnings to your local office. Otherwise, you risk being overpaid or underpaid in your monthly check, and could owe them a refund.

Remember to make all SSA required reports in writing and keep copies of whatever they provide.

  1. Confirm your participation in Section 1619a & 1619b, the incentives which allow continued eligibility for SSI and Medicaid. These should be automatic, but are not always. Don’t worry! If they mess it up (you’ll know if a Medicaid claim is rejected), it can be fixed. Ask for help.
  2. Locate an advocate who is familiar with SSI and the work incentive programs. Employment programs usually have at least one person with expertise in this area. In particular, a PASS or IRWE must be approved by Social Security. You may find it helpful to get assistance in developing a PASS or IRWE.
  3. Contact or visit your local Social Security Office and get to know the staff there by name. Recognize that not all Social Security staff understand these programs. Always be willing to ask questions or seek other advice.